35 Must Know Benefits of Carrot Juice

Started drinking carrot juice recently and want to know what kind of benefits you’re getting from it? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the best 35.

Carrots are a really popular vegetable. Think back to when you were a kid and your mom tried really had to get you to eat more fruit and veg. She probably didn’t have much luck, right? However, when it came to carrots you probably thought they weren’t that bad – at least compared to spinach!

Carrots look pretty snazzy too and it’s true what they say – they do help you see better! In fact, there’s lots of health benefits to carrots, which is why some nutritionists go as far as calling them a super food.

However, carrots are one thing while carrot juice is quite another. See, as healthy as carrots are, drinking carrot juice each day is actually more beneficial than eating one or two carrots. A single glass usually contains at least three carrots, and the juice is stuffed with vitamin K, potassium, manganese and more.

So what’s it going to do for you? Here they are…

35 Benefits of drinking carrot juice

Carrot Juice Reduces Your Risk of Developing Heart Disease

Heart disease is now the biggest killer of American adults. In 2008 alone, it killed one in four adults in the U.S. That’s a pretty scary statistic but here’s thing: Heart disease can be prevented.

There are many prevention measures you can take but they can largely be split between two groups: Diet and exercise. Daily exercise is important and so is what you eat. If you eat the right food and drink, you can slash your risk of developing heart disease.

Because carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, they help to bolster your immune system. And when your immune system is strong, your heart is also strong.

The vitamin A content is key. Vitamin A looks after your heart and can reduce your risk of both stroke and heart disease.

Carrot Juice Can Ease Stress

Anxiety and stress affect a lot of us and diet is very important for keeping us calm. Because carrot juice contains potassium it can help us overcome both stress and anxiety.

Carrot Juice Provides Oral Health Benefits

We all brush our teeth twice a day, right? We all care about our oral health and want our teeth to be as white as possible, and we all want to combat the germs that live inside our mouths.

However, to keep on top of your oral health, you need to do more than just clean your teeth twice a day.

Drinking carrot juice each day is important if you want to double down on your dental health and prevent issues with your teeth in the long term. This is because carrots are very good at scraping food particles and plaque off your teeth while carrot juice itself stimulates your gums and helps you to produce more saliva.

Moreover, carrot juice contains helpful minerals that destroy germs which would otherwise cause tooth decay if left unchecked.

Carrot Juice Can Lower Bad Cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol: Good and bad, and you don’t need us to tell you that you need to raise your level of good cholesterol while lowering your level of bad cholesterol.

Again, it all comes down to your diet. Foods that are rich in bad fats – such as bacon – will raise your bad cholesterol levels, while foods rich in good fats will bring them down.

Carrot juice contains zero bad fat, which means it’s great for you! And because it contains lots of potassium, it can also lower your bad cholesterol levels, which further reduces your risk of having a heart attack.

Carrot Juice Helps Maintain Water Balance

The human body contains lots of different cells. To function, they all need the right balance of water. Because carrot juice contains potassium, it’s able to help your body maintain the right water balance.

Carrot Juice Can Boost Cognitive Performance

Who wouldn’t want to be smarter?

In fact, it’s not always a case of wanting to be smarter. Sometimes we just want to be able to think faster, respond quicker and access our memories better.

Imagine you’re at work and suffering from a severe case of brain fog. It’s a nightmare! It’s hard to think straight and your productivity goes down. If only there was a way of boosting your cognitive performance!

There are actually many ways to improve cognitive performance, and drinking carrot juice is one of them. Why? Because carrot juice contains fibre and complex carbs which provide you with more energy and boost the flow of blood that makes its way to your brain. This in turn improves memory, alertness and focus. WIN.

Carrot Juice Can Stabilise Body Temperature

Carrot juice is rich in iron and it is this nutrient that helps to regulate your body’s temperature. The more your body is able to absorb iron, the better your temperature is controlled. This can prevent overheating.

Carrot Juice Can Slow Down The Ageing Process

As incredibly sad as it is, here’s the thing: We all have to get older. Eventually, we will be as old as our parents are now! It’s a scary thought, but even scarier is the idea that we could look older than we actually are.

Some people age faster than others, and while this is sometimes down to genetics, it’s also down to how we life our life. If you drink, smoke and eat junk food, you’re probably going to age pretty darn fast.

Drinking carrot juice each day is a great way to slow down the ageing process because it contains lots of beta-carotene, a compound that prevents and even reverses cell damage. If cells age slower, it means that YOU age slower!

Carrot Juice Boosts Immunity

We need our immune system to help us fight infection and disease. When we don’t give our body the right nutrients, our immune system breaks down and we become susceptible to sickness. Drink carrot juice each day to boost immunity.

Carrot Juice Helps Your Blood To Clot

Carrot juice contains the all-important vitamin K, which helps our blood to clot.

This is key because the faster our blood clots, the less we lose. Moreover, it also speeds up the healing process, which means we’ll be feeling better in no time at all!

Carrot Juice Helps Wounds To Heal

Following on from the above benefit, carrot juice also helps your wounds to heal.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there as kids: We’ve got a bit too giddy with our friends, performed a stunt in the street, fallen over and cut ourselves pretty badly.

And because we refused to eat the carrots our mom was wanting to give us, our wound took ages to heal!

However, if you want to speed up the healing process where wounds are concerned, you need to eat more fruit and veg because it’s the vitamins and minerals in them that work on wounds.

For example, carrot juice is loaded with vitamin C, which is the magic ingredient that encourages wounds to heal faster. Awesome!

Carrot Juice Can Prevent Anemia

Because it contains so much iron, carrot juice is able to prevent and reverse anemia.

Carrot Juice Can Prevent Stroke

Stroke doesn’t get talked about a huge amount in the media but if you’ve known someone who’s had a stroke, you’ll know exactly how devastating it is.

Like a lot of debilitating illnesses, stroke can be prevented by doing the right things, and studies have shown that drinking carrot juice each day can greatly reduce our risk.

Carrot Juice Helps With The Formation of Enzymes

Our bodies need enzymes, and because carrot juice is rich in iron it helps with their formation.

Carrot Juice Can Help To Control Diabetes

Cases of diabetes are on the rise, with studies finding that 1 in 10 American adults might have it.

However, like a lot of debilitating diseases – including cancer and heart disease – diabetes can be prevented. All we need to do is fix up our lifestyle and do the right things.

For a lot of us, that just means that we need to eat better. Because while there are a few reasons for why diabetes might develop in a person (including genetics) diet plays a key role. If your diet is rich in sugar and carbs and alcohol, it can lead to diabetes.

Carrot juice is a great way of controlling diabetes if you happen to have it because they’re low in carbs and non-starchy. And because they have a low GI rating, they can prevent those truly horrible blood sugar spikes.

Carrot Juice Enriches Lactation

Another amazing benefit of carrot juice is that it enriches lactation.

Carrot Juice Can Prevent Cancer

At this point you’re probably thinking – is there anything carrot juice can’t do? The answer is – few things!

Look, many of us live in the shadow of cancer. Statistics say that one in three people will get cancer at some point in their life, which means a lot of us will go through life knowing someone who has it. However, instead of giving up the ghost and saying ‘whatever will be, will be’ there are things you can do to reduce your risk of developing cancer. And one of them is drinking carrot juice.

Carrot juice works as an anti-cancer agent because it contains carotenoids that can prevent the likes of breast, colon, prostrate and bladder cancer from developing.


Carrot Juice Detoxifies The Body

Every now and then, we need to detoxify. What does this mean? It basically means that our body needs a cleaning.

And before you argue “My body doesn’t need a cleaning!” here’s the thing: Everyone’s body needs a clean-up now and then, even the hottest celebrities! This is because our system gets overrun by toxins, either from our diet or from the environment. And when this happens, we start to feel pretty darn lousy. Symptoms include headaches, indigestion and skin conditions, such as acne.

Because carrot juice is rich in nutrients, it does a good job of cleaning up your system, purifying your blood and eliminating toxins. It also helps your body to achieve a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

Carrot Juice Can Boost Appetite

Wish you had a better appetite for food? Gain weight by drinking carrot juice as it will boost your appetite.

Carrot Juice Looks After Our Lungs

Lung health isn’t something we really think about until things go wrong. To make sure things don’t go wrong, drink lots of carrot juice as its vitamin A content is very lung-friendly.

Carrot Juice Improves The Strength Of Your Bones

How strong are your bones? Bone heath and strength isn’t really something a great many of us spend time thinking about – it certainly doesn’t keep us awake at night! But bone health is very important because cases of the bone-thinning disease osteoporosis are on the rise. And when your bones weaken, the quality of your life is severely disrupted.

Carrot juice helps to fortify your bones because it’s a good source of vitamin K, an essential protein-building vitamin that helps your body to bind calcium better. And when you bind calcium better, your bones become stronger as a result.

Carrot juice also contains potassium, another nutrient that helps strengthen bones.

Carrot Juice Can Beat The Flu

Got the flu? Too bad, you probably feel pretty miserable right now! However, the best way to beat the flu is to maintain a well-balanced diet. Because carrot juice contains vitamin C, it’s a great way to beat the flu as quickly as possible.

Carrot Juice Thins The Blood

Why would we want to thin our blood? To prevent a stroke, which comes as a result of a blood clot.

Carrot juice is rich in vitamin E, which prevents your arteries from hardening and therefore can prevent all kinds of nasty heart-related issues.

Carrot Juice Can Prevent A Hormonal Imbalance

A hormonal imbalance can cause all kinds of issues. Because of its protein content, carrot juice helps to balance your body’s production of hormones.

Carrot Juice Cleans The Liver

A great number of us take our liver for granted. We go out at the weekend, have a few drinks and jokingly say that our liver is going to hate us for this in the morning.

But if you were to really think about the great job that your liver does for you, you might start to treat it a tad better.

When your liver is overrun by toxins, it can’t do its job properly. And when your liver can’t do its job properly, you start to feel pretty darn lousy. Tiredness, headaches and skin conditions begin to hit.

Want to treat your liver better? Carrot juice is a start. It eliminates toxins from your liver, ejecting them from your skin. Carrot juice boosts this process, which in turn cleans your liver and allows it to do its job properly again. Excellent.

Carrot Juice Controls Blood Sugar Levels

The last thing you want is high blood sugar levels. Drink carrot juice each day to stabilise your blood sugars and prevent nasty spikes.

Carrot Juice Treats Infections

If we told you how many infections and germs your body is exposed to on the daily, you’d probably freak out (it’s like a million!).

The good news is that your immune system is pretty good at snuffing out most of these infections and germs so that you don’t get sick all the time.

Naturally, it can’t snuff them all out all the time, and every now and then you’ll probably get sick.

Back to the good news: Carrot juice has disinfectant and antiviral properties which allow it to both prevent and treat infections, either external or internal ones. Drink it daily and you can nip infections in your colon, urinary tract, intestine, stomach, throat and mouth in the bud pretty darn quickly.

Carrot juice can also help with rashes and gangrene.

Carrot Juice Eases Gas

One of the most common reasons people take themselves off to the doctor is because of indigestion. Whether the symptoms are mild – gas or bloating – or severe – cramping, diarrhoea or irritable bowel syndrome – few of us go through life without getting indigestion at some point.

Some of us suffer from it a lot, but most of the time it’s down to a poor diet. If you eat the wrong things consistently, you will end up with abdominal gas that can be hard to shift. And while gas isn’t life threatening and will go away of its own accord eventually, it’s still pretty painful!

It can also be embarrassing.

To relieve abdominal gas, try drinking a glass of carrot juice. Thanks to its carminative nature, it can soothe your stomach and reduce bloating.

Carrot Juice Boosts Energy Levels

Need a jolt in energy? Tired of feeling tired? Drink more carrot juice!

Carrot Juice Helps You Urinate More

Why would a person want to urinate more? Frequent urination can eliminate water weight and it also ensures that your body is discarding as many toxins as possible.

Like coffee and alcohol, carrot juice is a diuretic – a healthier one! This means that it promotes frequent urination, which can eliminate up to 4% of your body fat.

Carrot juice can also help to eliminate uric acid, excess bile, renal calculi, and it also brings your blood pressure down.

Carrot Juice Improves Vision

Remember when you were a kid and your mom told you that you should eat more carrots because they help you to see in the dark? It sounds like an old wives tale but there’s actually some truth to it.

See, carrot juice improves vision by reducing the risk of macular degeneration in elderly people. This is because carrots contain a compound called beta-carotene. When an enzymatic reaction occurs, this compound splits and forms pro-vitamin A, a key nutrient that improves vision.

So now you can tell your kids that carrots help them to see better and you won’t feel like you’re lying!

Carrot Juice Can Help With Pregnancy

Pregnancy is amazing. All of a sudden, you’re looking after two bodies! Because you now have a growing person inside you, you need to make sure that you do all that you can to keep them healthy. And because carrot juice is rich in nutrients, it’s well worth drinking each day.

If you’re pregnant at the moment, your doctor might told you that you need to put on weight. A good, healthy way to do just that is to drink carrot juice. A glass contains up to 4 carrots and its vitamin C and beta-carotene content is a great way to gain weight.

Carrot juice can also help with the recovery process once you’ve given birth because it loads you with energy.

Carrot Juice Can Make You Stronger

Who says you need to eat steak to be stronger? Vitamin E boosts our physical strength and carrot juice contains lots of it! This key vitamin can also limit muscle damage after a workout.

Carrot Juice Can Promote Hair Growth

Is there a woman alive who doesn’t care about her hair? Probably not. Let’s face it, hair is important and any man that tells us not “get over it” when our hair is falling out in great chunks and taking ages to grow back is not worth our time!

The thing is that hair doesn’t tend to fall out for no reason, and if it’s slow to grow back? There’s usually a reason for that, and it comes down to a deficiency of some sort.

Because carrot juice contains vitamin E and C, it’s able to boost circulation and promote healthy hair growth.

At the same time, carrot juice – when drank on the daily – can slow down the ageing process so that your hair doesn’t grey before your time.

Carrot Juice Can Prevent Muscle Disorders

Because of its potassium content, carrot juice is able to prevent muscle disorders. Potassium ensures that nerves and muscles function correctly.

Stay happy and healthy!